Geicy loves to sleep a lot, so I went out alone with the dogs in the Bergamasco forest.
It was seven in the morning, and I love to walk so early in the morning.
You are usually alone and with very little light, perfect to meet (Wild Life) animals.

Looking for Wild Life

As soon as I left, I met five deer running for their lives. They are afraid of my dogs. The gaze of a border collie is as fixed as that of the wolves.
They don’t know that my dogs are even afraid of little frogs…
I completely forgot about the trip, the RV, and all the rest.

I walked, walked, and walked some more. I had seen ten deer and fifteen pheasants. It was like an animal documentary of BBC

let’s get Back Home to our RV

It was time to return quietly because it had been around two hours. I didn’t want to retake the same route, and I don’t usually get lost. I have to admit that this time it was a bit different than usual.
I had no reference points on the route because the forest was sometimes as dense in the jungles. My dogs had a great time, but they didn’t show me the way back home. I felt a bit Doomed.

After about four hours of steady walking, I found myself near a Cemetery, which had to be Faith. On the day of arrival, Geicy commented something about this old cemetery, so I finally became aware and found a route I knew. It still took me another hour to get back “Home.”

At 7 am, I thought about walking my dogs for an hour or two, but in the end, it was seven hours.
My feet were litarley smoking.

After an immeasurable breakfast that Geicy had prepared for me, we set off again.
It was a real adventure to stay at the Agriturismo Amarant and the woods of Bergamasco.

Find out all about BERGAMASCO (PIEDMONT)

After this battle with Nature we headed south. Our idea was to stay a long time in Italy, to get to know it. Such a beautiful country with so much variety was not going to escape us.
I, in particular, had already passed through the main cities, but Geicy had not.

Lets’ find our Next Adventure

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