Hi I’m Jessica will and we are gonna be traveling all of Europe, every single country in some parts of Africa, for about two years in an RV with our two kids Avila and Largo schooling and working adventuring, and just living our life.
This sounds crazy; we’ve been traveling the world for the last three years. Will I have always loved traveling? Always, however, we never thought we’d, go traveling the world with our kids. We had worked on, we’d, be leaving our corporate jobs no and then one day we just well not one day it took a couple of days, but we decided let’s, go, have an adventure sell, it all sell all of it.


Well, almost all of it let’s, move to Costa Rica for a year. We lived there for 12 months, one month with our kids, and then we decided that you know what, we don’t wanna go back. It’s just not enough.
So then we went to Ecuador and there we fell in love with the culture. We fell in love with the people. We fell in love with what travel learning through travel, all right, and we enjoyed that year.


So much that we said why stop now let’s, try another country and then to France! Welcome to my 5 ways, they are depending on what idea it’s. Not. It was not hard enough already that learning a new language and learning new food and educating and working in a different country that we decided we would move into 21.
Five feet of rolling Tim, and we have not regretted it ever since is that we’re saying on camera, that’s. What we’re gonna tell into every single country in Europe and one country in Africa, and we’re, going to be documenting it all on camera.
So a couple of things I am eating: I am beyond words—this place best set of mountain ranges. I’ve never seen in my entire life, hands down.

We’re taking you along for good, the bad, the ugly, the lack of showers dumped in the poop working you, tasted, the food and everything struggling through the language and learning all about what this place has to offer.
So take the time down, hit that subscribe button and notifications and notifications and see exactly what we have come in because we’re starting off in France, but we’re moving all the way around to Switzerland to Germany to Austria, you name it we’re gonna, be there, and it’s in Europe.
We’re going to be, and this is only a small part of the crazy wait until you meet our kids and our hamster.

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