So Much to Visit

The worst thing about a trip is that you always have to move forward, sometimes I would love to stay longer. It sounds weird when your traveling for a year, but time flies even when you have a lot of it. There is so much more to see.

So we said goodbye to this fantastic gem of Lake Lake Serre-Ponçon and can’t wait to see the snow.

Arriving at Vars

Not very long, we were invited by fantastic Mountain views. Once we arrived at Vars (Les Cleux), we stopped for a photo at the entrance as a good visitor.

Geicy could already touch the snow for the first time. It was an extraordinary moment in her life and mine. Just look at the photos. Arriving in Vars (Les Cleux), we saw a small village with its stores, restaurants, and ski slopes.

The houses are all made of wood as we like them.

You see many apartments that are for rent, but we have already come with a fabulous apartment on four wheels.
We are looking for our parking where we will stay these days. We pass the village and go up the road next to the ski slope. One feels at ease parking where there are more motorhomes.

We perceive that there is more security and you can go for a walk or ski without worrying too much.
We meet French neighbors, who park here for the whole month.

As it is free, people come here to ski and save on the cost of hotels. We love this place, and it comes with all the extras for motorhomes—water, electricity & RV toilets.

Find the Location here PARKING P5

We walked down to the Town, so we could get to know Vars a bit better. After an amazing hot chocolate with cream, we had a look around. They have stores with local cheeses and sausages, so good!. We have to be careful. Otherwise, our budget will go through the roof.
The children are on vacation because the slopes are full of ski schools. The sky is blue, and the sun is warm, so it doesn’t feel like -10ºC (14 Fahrenheit).

We are so happy that we have made it here. The people are unique, and Vars is lovely.

After a long drive and an essential change of temperature from 23ºC (73 Fahrenheit) to -10ºC (14 Fahrenheit), we are tired and go to bed early.

I bet that Geicy will dream of throwing snowballs at me all night!





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