The French Alpes

After our amazing trip next to the French Coastline and our crazy night in Cassis, we have decided to drive to the Snow.

Geicy has never seen the snow, so that made the decision very easy and fun.
Brazil is a bit short of Snow…

After a bit of investigation, I had found a unique place in the Alpes, VARS (La Foret Blanche), where motorhomes can park for free at the foot of the slopes! So we leave the warm and sunny day for the Snow and wait for the sun.
It will be a whole experience for sure, because we are driving this big RV to the Snow and who knows how the roads will be.

Geicy is very nervous and eager to touch and step on the Snow. I can’t remember my first time when I saw the Snow for the first time. I was a baby for sure. My family loved snow vacations.

Calculating the km on the national road or highway, were a big difference. I saw that it was not in our favor not to pay the toll road for once this time. France is famous for expensive toll roads, so we try not to take them. I was a bit nervous about the snowed inroads, so I thought it was better.

La Fôret Blanche

These roads will bring us many surprises for sure. The Alpes are fantastic to drive through.
The Region is called the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and the Department is Hautes-Alpes.
La Forêt Blanche is made of two winter sports resorts located the department of the Hautes-Alpes, classified as “Grand domaine” and “Nouvelle glisse”.
We can’t wait to see this new environment and its postcard views. Good that the cameras are digital now because otherwise, we had spent all the money on the Kodak films.

Let me share this beauty with you…

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