Saying Goodbye to our Friends 

After driving for 2 hours, we arrived at the apartment of our Friends in Martorell. 


We received happy tears and friendly hugs from everybody. The BBQ was already smoking on a small balcony. The Woman of the House was preparing a lot of fantastic side dishes and worrying about everything else.

The man of the House was taking care of the drinks and the Meat on the BBQ. The balcony was small but big enough to enjoy the smell of fantastic smoking meat.

The Brazilians love to make a visitor feel part of the group. They start with providing you with cold beers, great conversations, and some shots of Cachaça. 



Cachaça is a famous liquor Brazilians use in their wonderful Cocktail “Caipirinhas.”

Caipirinhas is a traditional Brazilian Cocktail that includes some limes, sugar, ice, and Cachaça.

So Fresh & Good.

What always surprises me how much Brazilians can eat and stay Skinny. Some eat three times a crazy amount of Rice, Beans, salade, and Meat.

It’s so lovely to mix all the cultures and understand more and more about what is around us. Many people around us blindly follow the person in front of them and miss all the beauty around us. I compare it sometimes with a Horse wearing Blinkers.

After such a feast, it was challenging to say goodbye for a whole year, but everybody felt excited.

We fall asleep straight away in our great RV that was parked downstairs.



Now the time has come to leave Spain. The first goodbye of a Country starts today. I can’t wait to see more places and meet amazing people.

At the border of Spain and France on the national road, you find many stores and gas stations. Her it’s full of France people because it’s cheaper. After leaving all the French customers in Spain, we have arrived in France.

The smells of freshly baked “Croissants et Pane de Chocolate” forced us to stop in the first town we arrived in.

It was already late in the afternoon, so we went in search of our new field for our RV(A place with a View and Tranquility).

We downloaded an app that helps a lot in finding unique and cheap places.

It is excellent because it comes with ratings and RV Travellers give their opinion honestly. We promised ourselves only to use it when we are exhausted, or it’s late at night.

It has to be our Trip, and it’s a…


Arriving in a town called Tautavel, we saw the perfect parking right outside the village next to a beautiful river full of fish (trout)!

Tautavel village had its charm, but it was tranquil. We walked through its narrow streets at night and enjoyed the shadows painted on the walls due to the poor lighting.

To end the evening perfectly, we had a cold beer at the “Café de la place.”

When we woke up, we decided to continue our journey towards Carcassonne! The site is a bit touristic, but it has a charm that makes up for it.

Before we passed through the village of Limoux, it is a small village, but interesting for those who know how to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne. I love to visit the tasting bar Ameiry “Sieur D’Arques” because it belongs to a winery that makes delicious sparkling wines.

Sparkling wine of Limoux

It can’t be called Cava or Champagne; that is why it is unique.

In 1531, The world’s first sparkling wine was made.

The history of the Languedoc wine region dates back to the 5th century BC when the Greeks introduced the vine and viticulture. However, in 1531, the Benedictine monks from the Abbey of Saint Hilaire, a town near Limoux, produced the World’s First Sparkling Wine! Read More


We had missed the carnivals of Limoux, which are somehow similar to those of Venice. Here they also dress up and wear similar masks.

Limoux is in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. The city is divided by the Aude river, and you can still find neolithic remains.

I already explained how much I liked its wines and it is especially famous for its “Blanquette de Limoux” since 1531.


You have to visit the cellar of Sieur D’Arques.


After our charming visit to Limoux, we decided to follow our course to Carcassonne.


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