Still in Bergamasco, at our campsite Agriturismo Amarant.

Geicy loves to sleep for a long time. I (Peter) love to wake up early and find this fantastic world almost for myself. Mornings are more exciting, because of less “human” noise you probably see more wild animals.

We are still located at the Agriturismo Amarant campsite in Bergamasco, and there is a lot of land and woods to explore nearby.

So I decided to go for a walk while Geicy was asleep.

The Walk with my Dogs

Our dogs ran out, showing me the way. I love my dogs (Border Collies) because they can run about +/- 500 meters (0.3 miles) and then turn around to see if I am still where I was before. When they were little, I always hid from them when they didn’t look or were a bit too far away. Maybe this created that feeling that I shouldn’t lose him out of my sight too long.

As soon we entered the woods, we were greeted by five deer running away. They were afraid of my dogs. The gaze of a border collie is as fixed as that of the wolves because of being herding dogs. 

If you have never seen them at work, you should right now. See an example here.

I completely forgot about our trip when I started to walk to no destination. I just got consumed mentally and fiscally by nature. After two hours of walking through the woods and fields, I saw about ten deer and fifteen pheasants. 

It was like being an animal documentary on BBC.

These Deers are called the Italian Roe Deer

Where is my Wife and RV

It was time to return because it had been long enough, and Geicy would be waiting on us now. I always like to walk a different route because then you encounter new things and maybe more animals. Usually, I don’t get lost. This time it wasn’t as usual, ups.

I couldn’t find any reference points on the route because the forest was thick and difficult to see through. My dogs were having a brilliant time, but they didn’t show me the way back.

After about 4 hours of steady walking, I found myself near a cemetery. On the day of arrival, Geicy commented about this cemetery, so I had finally found a waypoint. It still took me another hour to get back to the RV.

At 7 am, I thought, why not go with my dogs for a walkabout for one or two hours. So we can have breakfast and start our route with RV again. But in the end, I got lost, wet and tired and didn’t get back till about six hours later. 

My feet were smoking from that steady pace.

Getting Ready for being On The Road Again

After relaxing and enjoying the most rewarded breakfast Geicy had prepared for us, I had a shower and changed my clothes.

These moments are the most important ones in Life.

At least for me. 

I saw nature at its finest. No noise or pollution nearby.

Things didn’t go as aspected. Mentally and fiscally, I got tested more than once. After I Made it back to the RV got a smile from Geicy and saw my dogs sleeping with a smile on their faces. 

Now it was time to say goodbye to this crazy but unusual Adventure.

A big thanks to the owners of the Agriturismo Amarant, because the area was terrific.

We are headed south now. Our idea was to stay a long time in Italy, to get to know it. Such a beautiful country with so much variety was not going to escape us.

I, in particular, had already passed through the main cities, but Geicy had not, so let’s create many more memories together.

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