Our Journey starts Today!

We are leaving from my mother’s house in Altea (Spain) and set off for the Ebro, Riba-Roja (Catalunya)

So the ride will be over the Coastal Road From Valencia to Tarragona, be ready for some amazing sightseeing

reflection of cityscape in sea at night

Valencia is famous for its great Paella and fresh Oranges, it’s amazing to visit when you come to Spain. As we are heading to the Ebro river we will leave Valencia behind till we come back.

It’s difficult to explain, but we are leaving this place for a Year. It’s so exciting to now know where or what we will do for such a long time. The adventures and experiences we will take away from this will be fascinating.


The drive from Alicante to Riba- Roja is about 5 hours, it’s a bit busier by the Cities, but after them, it’s a nice drive.

We start our trip with my favorite Hobby, Fishing.

I’m happy that Geicy loves Nature, so we both can enjoy our time at the River.

Delta de Ebro (Catalonia)

The Ebro is one of the most amazing rivers of the North and North East of Spain. It starts in Cantabria and flows 930km (578 miles) in the southeast direction where it flows into the Mediterranean Sea (Delta del Ebro) by Tarragona (Catalonia).

It’s very famous for its bird Life, Salt & Freshwater fishing. It’s Home to some big Catfish and Carp in the river, that attracts many fisherman World Wide. 

These Wells Catfish were introduced by a German Biologist in 1974 by a town called Flix.

Wels Catfish

They didn’t stop growing. One was landed in the Ebro of 245LB (just 5lb less than the World Record of a Wels Catfish)

For me, this place is a dream come true. On the arrival at the Ebro, we found that an English fishing Holiday Agency had occupied most of the best spots for their clients. It wasn’t a warm welcome, but we believe in Karma and our trip is just beginning. We found a unique spot with nobody around, just perfect for our RV and us.

This place is heaven o earth. The views are so unique that you get free therapy upon arrival. You can hear the birds welcoming us. We are so happy to have this moment for ourselves. So let’s open a bottle of wine and let’s drink on the occasion.


Fishermen know that the first day is used for choosing the right spot and baiting. These rivers are so big that the fish can be anywhere. You start looking around for some movements on the surface.

So, as it usually happens on the first day, no sign of life, especially in the winter.

The fish are much more active at warm temperatures and therefore eat more.

At night there was no action, but when we woke up we found a beautiful sunny day. So I start to prepare the rods and bait. Because the carp is known as a shy fish and does not let itself be caught so easily, so you always have to try new things.

PANCAKES (River Side)

Geicy surprises me with a requisite breakfast, that is always welcome for the angler who spends all his patience on catching zero fish. It’s amazing what you learn by waiting days and days for one single fish to hook himself. You learn for example to be very positive, never lose hope and never let your guard down.

The night came and again no bite, so now I start to study the possibility of moving to another place. Before that, I went to talk to the English fisherman.

They baited 10 times more than me and they had not caught anything either.

So again Patients knocked on my door.

Another beautiful morning here on the Ebro river.

Today I see that Geicy has already lost all hope, but as a good fisherman, I tell her that today is the day!

I knew I had to make her laugh for a while because she’s here for me and I will not leave without catching my carp.

Then that afternoon it happened, like magic. 

Peeeeeeeeeeeeep, the alarm of the rods went off!

There is no better sound than that, after 3 days of patients.

What usually doesn’t happen, is that the other alarm sounds as well while I’m fighting a fish.

So I ask Geicy to help me with the other one because today there won’t be one fish lost.

What a day, One after another one. A school of Carp was having a brunch at my feeding spot. In total, we caught 6 Carp, all-around the same size and weight 22lb (11kilos) each.

We always set a goal in life, so an angler is no different.

Mine was to catch a Giant Carp (My Personal Record PB) as we call it.

Let’s see what the rest of these days bring.

We had a great night’s sleep because it has been quiet during the whole night.

You can tell that the carp is not very active yet and neither is Geicy!

Today she slept until 12.00, so I didn’t want to wake her up and made myself a tea with cookies at 6.00 am. 

It was still so cold, even the reeds were frozen.

Today not a lot has happened and I can’t wait to be in a warm bed tonight.

When it’s so cold, you better of drinking and playing cards inside the RV.

It’s 5 am in the morning and an alarm goes off!

I jump out of bed, put on my jacket, and run to the Rods

I can tell this one is big because he won’t move at all.

I managed to get him out of the water and put him on a safety bed so that the fish doesn’t get hurt out of the water. I had to wake Geicy up because I need a good picture of this beauty and of me of course!

Here she is.

Personal Record Carp

I made it, it’s my personal record! She weighs about 20kilos and is all muscle.

That’s the difference between a Carp in the River or Lake. In the River, the fish is are always swimming in the current.

There are two exciting feelings when I Fish.

One when the alarm sounds and you know it’s time to fight a Fish.

Two releasing the carp and watch him/her swim back to its favorite spot.

I think there can’t be a better ending. 

Nature had given us all.

The views, wind, cold, and animals

Now it’s time to move and find our next Destination….

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