RVs and RoadWorks

We have driven over the countryside of Spain and France till now. Sometimes I visited some small towns, and it wasn’t a problem.

But now getting to a city called Carcassonne and its surroundings are full of Road works. The streets that we were supposed to take aren’t open because of these road works, and we are all waiting to see where they will send us to.

The biggest issue is that all of the other drivers are riding in a standard vehicle. So I am the only RV driving through these small bending streets.

We were looking for a Free parking spot overnight and close to the Castle of Carcassonne.


As I can’t see a way out of here, I need to ask my Garmin GPS (Camper 770 LMT). This model is made for RVs because it lets you fill in your RV specs, so you “don’t” drive into narrow streets.

What happens to a GPS in small streets? It loses signal and then comes back, so it told me to make a left once it worked.

I looked at that street, and it was narrow, but it should be the easiest way out, no?

Not the best street, Not the best decision, if I can be honest. When I realized that the RV wasn’t going to pass the corner, we heard the worst sound ever.


It was such a loud noise that we thought it had torn a piece of the roof off. This happened now, after only ten days of traveling with this beautiful NEW RV. We only had about 355 days left.

I stop the second I heard the noise and looked in my mirrors and inside to the roof, but I couldn’t see anything. Now everybody behind us starting beeping like there was no tomorrow. I asked Geicy to step out of the car and have a look at what happened. I couldn’t open my door because it was so near.

Geicy came back inside and couldn’t see anything, so my nerves wouldn’t settle. So I tried to get out of there the same way I drove in. That was the easy part, but now what damage do we have on our RV. So about a minute away from where we had the incident, I stopped at a red light, jumped out of the RV, and had a look very fast.

I couldn’t believe what had happened.

The windows are a type of bubble, and they stick some inches (cm) out of our RV. That’s where all that noise came from. I broke a window, but it has double glass, so it was only the outer part.

Now I could lower my heart rate because it would not be a problem to keep ongoing.

A big should out to the mechanics they have included double glazed windows in our RV.


We had another experience to share with you, not the best one, but with a great ending.


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