Our Little Story

We met on a platform called Meeting.com, and we both didn’t expect much.

You have to write about what you like and who you wish to meet. It sounds too good to be true, but who knows. As I talk openly about it, I have met many other people who have had the same experience as us.

So please stay open. A trip is very different when you enjoy it together.

With Geicy and Me, it clicked from the beginning, and we enjoyed each other’s company a lot. She was great with Gizmo (My Dog) and loved to eat Sushi. That was very positive for me. Everything moved very fast from there. I asked her to come and live with me. I was still working in Wasabi Events and creating experiences for my Clients, and Geicy worked with a great Family.

In the beginning, you start to know about each other’s Cultures, and yes, we are so different, but so great Together.

After about a month, we had our summer holidays and couldn’t wait to be On the Road.

As I was living in Hotels year-round, I wanted a more Outdoor Experience.

Here we are buying Camping gear together and getting ready for the Unknown.




Our Adventures In Granada (Malaga, Spain)


We planned a Camping trip to Granada (Malaga, Spain) and Tarifa (Cadiz, Spain). I love adventures, so I prepared some things and see if she likes them or not. I never expected that she would go and paraglide without any hesitation.

I love adventures, so I prepared some things and see if she likes them or not. I never expected that she would go and paraglide without any hesitation. When I saw a van coming up full of stuff, and there were some parachutes between the Junk, I almost had second thoughts.

The Campsite was called LAS LOMAS, what excellent Service and Friendly people we met.

The view from here was spectacular because you could see the Sierra Nevada and The Lake called Embalse de Canales. Nearby was a town called Güéjar Sierra, where we had some drinks at night. At day time, it was too Hot, and nobody was to be found, but at night it came alive.

We drove into Granada one day because it’s nearby and very beautiful. If you didn’t visit Granada yet, you should look into it. Everybody should see The ALHAMBRA OF GRANADA  at least once in a Life time.

brown concrete building near green trees under blue sky


I can’t repeat myself enough, but what an experience and amazing people we have met here.

We took Gizmo into the Ski Lift because, in the summer, they allow it. I question many times what he was thinking.


Every great adventure comes to an end, but we were also excited for our new destination Tarifa (Cadiz, Spain).


7 surprising facts about Sierra Nevada


Coming next our Experiences In Tarifa (Cadiz, Spain)

After this amazing trip to Granada and its surroundings, we had arranged an unusual Camping spot in Tarifa right on the Beach

The Campsite was called Camping Río Jara. Tarifa is well-known as a Kite Surfers paradise. So you can guess what our next experience will be. It looks a lot easier than it is. But it’s an amazing experience, once you stand up. That can take a while, so please take your time and get a Cup of Coffee

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