Family-Friendly RV

Traveling by RV is a superb way to experience the country with the entire family and create memories that will last a lifetime. RVs are designed to encourage interaction and communication through innovative seating arrangements. The panoramic view of the large windows is superior to what is possible in other types of vehicles. Best of all, many places that allow RV parking are family-friendly, like KOA campgrounds, which often feature pools, playgrounds, sports areas, and bonfire circles.

Traveling by RV is a perfect opportunity to unplug from attention-consuming electronics and fully enjoy your time together. As a family, you can experience different people and places all across the nation, stopping to visit the many museums, presidential libraries, national parks, and monuments that document our history. With an RV, you can also stay inside national parks to take advantage of late hours and nighttime programs that many people will never get to experience.


RV Travel Lets Your Pets Come Along


Traveling by RV also lets you travel with your furry family members stress-free. Traveling by air with a pet is costly, pet-friendly hotels often have extra fees, and boarding in an unfamiliar place can be anxiety-inducing for both you and your pet. With an RV, you can bring your pets along and make them part of the adventure. Taking some simple precautionary measures can ensure that the RV will be as safe for your pet as your own home.


– Ensure your pet is secured when the RV is in motion. While it may be tempting to let them roam, they can distract the driver and get seriously injured if you get into an accident.


– Leash, train your pets before traveling. No one wants to look for a lost pet in a strange location, so having them on a leash when they are outside of the RV is a must.


– Have updated ID information on your pet. Your pet should be chipped or tagged with current contact information so if they do get lost, whoever finds them has a way to reach you.


– Keep your pet’s information handy. Have vaccination records and proof of ownership on hand at all times, and keep some current pictures on your phone in case they get lost.

– Make sure you have what you need to keep them comfortable. This includes pet beds, waste pads or litter, favorite toys, and adequate food and water.

– Stop frequently for exercise breaks. Make it a point to take daily morning and evening walks and allow them to explore new areas for a little while during other stops.



Get Closer To Nature With RV Camping


RV travel allows you to drive through and relax in amazing natural areas, letting you experience all that nature has to offer. In an RV, you can sleep comfortably in natural surroundings without having to worry about insects or animals disturbing you. The chirping of crickets will lull you to sleep, and the chirping of birds can be your alarm clock.


Also, you won’t have to waste time traveling when you wake up because you are already at your destination. You can have your breakfast under the trees and set out to explore immediately afterward. One great place to do this is Camp Gulf on Florida’s Miramar Beach, where you can park on the sand under a palm tree and be steps from the water for your entire trip.

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