Our trip lasts many months, and so we concentrate a lot on gas station prices! It seems like child’s play, but we are starting to like it.

The prices are usually higher than in Spain and change a lot from one gas station to another.
We found one that was very well priced, and without thinking, we filled it up again.

Leaving the city of Gap, which is at the foot of the Alpes, we found a lake called Serre-Ponçon, which is gigantic and beautiful!

We stopped at the entrance of the Camping Le Roustou, but we did not see anyone to ask for information, probably because they do not open until May, like many.

We went in anyway to see the Camping Le Roustou and the Serre-Ponçon lake. Just as we entered, a Bullmastiff greeted us. Thank goodness she was locked up!

Otherwise, I would have taken it. It’s an incredible breed. A few years ago, I said goodbye to mine. His name was Ranger. What a beautiful family member he was.


Passing by the Camping Le Roustou and seeing the Serre-Ponçon Lake, it was love at first sight. The campsite has excellent facilities and views. The water level was low, but I’m sure that this lake will be even more beautiful in the summertime. There is incredible tranquility in this natural jewel.
All around we see facilities for water sports, etc. It will be full of families enjoying their summer in the high season, and it won’t be as quiet as it is now. But it is still a perfect place for everyone.

The road that led us here is already unique, but to find such a blue lake is a magnificent gift.

Here we relax for a while with the views and the silence. The dogs enjoy their time. They keep jumping up, down, and up all the slopes.
We had a few hours left until VARS (Les Cleux), so we went back to the motorhome to continue the route.


How many more surprises await us?

Can we hear a “Halleluja” for memory cards! We love to share our views

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