Making the decision

After a short time, my wife and I had met, we decided to move in with each other.

In August 2014, we traveled to the Southern part (Andalusian) of Spain.


One month we lived on a camping site at Granada, the city of Flamenco, and later in Tarifa (Cadiz), the town closest to Africa and Kite Surf Paradise.

The experience was so great that we started to dream out loud. This dream included buying an RV and travel for one year in Europe. My Mother lives in Alicante, and we lived at that time in Barcelona. Our goal was to sell everything I owned to park my RV in front of her house at Christmas. Enjoy a family holiday before our departure. That gave us about three months to make our next challenge come true.

When we returned in September from our holidays, we jumped on taking excellent pictures of our items (Car, Motorbike, Bicycles, Televisions, Beds, Sofas). Every cent we made is essential for our Trip.

My willpower always came from my mothers’ side. It’s essential to grow up with a parent that pushes you when you need it most, tells you to take new opportunities, makes you forget about Fear and making mistakes. That is necessary to create your future. Now you can understand how important it was for me to involve my Mother in my next project.


Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 09.20.54

My Mother at the back, Sister on the right, Wife on the left, and me getting wet. It’s great to receive all these blessings before we depart for our vast adventure.

Please find out more information about our RV here, BENIMAR 242

About Us

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Geicy was born in Goiânia is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Goiás. She crossed the Ocean alone to search for new opportunities in her life. She left her family behind in Brazil and created a new Future together with lucky me. That was a significant trip, and now she will experience many more. 
Peter in Chalten (Argentina)
I (Peter) was born in Lommel (Belgium). Lommel has several nature reserves and numerous forests and heathlands. Lommel is the third shopping city in Belgian Limburg and is well known for its silver sand mined to benefit the glass industry. Our family moved in 1996 to Spain, and I was lucky to meet many different cultures and learning new languages. Travelling has always been in my Blood.

Below you will find some of my experiences.


For the first time in Asia, I’ve visited Thailand with a great friend and almost happy father, Jonathan. It amazed me how friendly the locals are. Some of the places we visited are Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, and Bangkok.



Another of my great experience was with my best friend, Paolo, in the Patagonia of Argentina & Chile. Backpacking many miles.



It was a fantastic trip with Dad on the ROUTE 66, 44 days, and we visited 17 national parks.
The most famous one was Yellowstone, and I was surprised by the encounters of Buffalo, Coyotes, Wolfs, and a lot more.

Yellowstone buffalo

We hope you will enjoy our Trip also by reading our blog.

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