What you need to make a trip of a lifetime

We were slightly nervous before our RV trip to Asia. This one would have to be done a little differently. Some legalities can prevent you from openly traveling by road between countries in Asia. Instead of using one RV to travel between all the countries we wanted to see, we decided to book an RV […]

A Real-Time Out in France and an excellent Raclette

  After all the preparations for months, driving, we didn’t get the chance to close our eyes and focus on what’s around us. We decided to stay a bit longer and concentrate on the Feeling called “Time Out.” Everybody uses words differently, but for us, it meant not knowing when we would leave and forget […]

Traveling By RV Provides Unparalleled Flexibility

Traveling by recreational vehicle (RV) is becoming a very popular way to travel and explore the country. According to data from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), 11% of households in the U.S. currently own some type of RV, and much more rent RVs for traveling purposes. The popularity of RV travel is rising because […]

Traveling By RV Can Save You Money

One of the most significant benefits of traveling by RV is the amount of money you can save over traditional modes of travel. According to data from RVIA, a family of four can save up 59% on a trip by traveling in a motorhome. Traveling by RV is even more economical for more extensive travel […]

Having fun in the Ski resort Vars – La Fôret Blanche

So Much to Visit The worst thing about a trip is that you always have to move forward, sometimes I would love to stay longer. It sounds weird when your traveling for a year, but time flies even when you have a lot of it. There is so much more to see. So we said […]

Leaving Cassis and its Route des Cretes in la Provence

The French Alpes After our amazing trip next to the French Coastline and our crazy night in Cassis, we have decided to drive to the Snow. Geicy has never seen the snow, so that made the decision very easy and fun. Brazil is a bit short of Snow… After a bit of investigation, I had […]

There Is A Wide Range Of RV Models

  Does everybody know what RV stands for? A Recreational Vehicle is a motor vehicle or trailer which includes living quarters designed for accommodation.  There are many different types of RV models available, giving you the ability to pick the most cost-effective one for your needs. The cost of renting can be as low as $55 per […]

Traveling By RV Has Health Benefits


About the Health Benefits Many people do not realize that there is a wide range of health benefits associated with traveling by RV. RV travel separates you from the crowd, unlike airlines and trains, and you will perform many of your activities in your own space, reducing the risk of coming into contact with harmful […]