Feel Great Being Lost with your RV

Europe is set up with some fantastic scenery. Most areas are easily traveled, and border crossing usually isn’t much of an issue. This makes for an excellent recipe for an RV tour. There were some key locations and famous routes we didn’t want to miss. The map plotted our trip as we drew out several […]

The Reasons Why We Love Italy Bergamasco

Geicy has a smile from ear to ear, I can tell that the snow has done good to her, but we are ready for something different. I am also looking forward to seeing more places and finally enter beautiful Italy! I know the dogs will miss the snow because they haven’t stopped eating it! For […]

A Real-Time Out in France and an excellent Raclette

  After all the preparations for months, driving, we didn’t get the chance to close our eyes and focus on what’s around us. We decided to stay a bit longer and concentrate on the Feeling called “Time Out.” Everybody uses words differently, but for us, it meant not knowing when we would leave and forget […]

Having fun in the Ski resort Vars – La Fôret Blanche

So Much to Visit The worst thing about a trip is that you always have to move forward, sometimes I would love to stay longer. It sounds weird when your traveling for a year, but time flies even when you have a lot of it. There is so much more to see. So we said […]

Short stop at the Lake Serre-Ponçon

Our trip lasts many months, and so we concentrate a lot on gas station prices! It seems like child’s play, but we are starting to like it. The prices are usually higher than in Spain and change a lot from one gas station to another. We found one that was very well priced, and without […]

The magic of the Port of Cassis

  On the Road again As we left Carcassonne, we wanted to get close to the Coastline again, so we headed to Cassis. Why Cassis, your ask? Because of… Qu’a visit Paris, se noun a vist Cassis, pou dire: n’ai rèn visit”. the translation is; The person who has visited Paris and has not visited […]

The French City Called Carcassonne


Welcome to the Medieval Citadel located in the Occitanie Region We had a Bad experience upon Arrival (nothing to do with Carcassonne); you can read it in our next Post… It was not easy to find a Free spot to stay overnight with our RV, so we decided to park in parking for Busses and RVs. […]