Welcome to the Medieval Citadel located in the Occitanie Region

We had a Bad experience upon Arrival (nothing to do with Carcassonne); you can read it in our next Post…

It was not easy to find a Free spot to stay overnight with our RV, so we decided to park in parking for Busses and RVs.

An excellent place because we weren’t alone at night and within walking distance of the great city.

It is located next to one of the entrances of the Castle of Carcassonne. We were both eager to explore the castle, its stores, and restaurants.

When you travel with dogs, you can be very gratified in France. I am always surprised by how French people treat my dogs. Of course, they are the cutest dogs in the World, but still. They offer water everywhere and don’t mind if you want to go inside a store, restaurant or bar. It’s all good.


About Carcassonne

it’s located in the South of France, about 80km from Toulouse. It was well known and used by the Neolithic people strategically as the main route between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

This city has about 2,500 years of history. It has been occupied in different ages by Romans, Visigoths, and Crusaders.

In the 5th century, it was occupied, and more fortifications were built and are still preserved today. Carcassonne remained in the zone not occupied by the Germans in World War II until November 1942, when it was used as an ammunition depot.

Now you can enjoy a nice walk in this medieval city that invites you to visit many local pretty shops and enjoy a magnificent Lunch or Dinner in the restaurants.
This city has only 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) of long double surrounding walls and 52 great towers.

Watch a nice Video from the Castle of Carcassonne

Dogs in Carcassonne

We first visited a small market with local food; it’s was great to mingle with locals and enjoy their homemade food.

At the end of the afternoon, we decided to enjoy a Gin & Tonic on one of these beautiful terraces inside the castle.
The dinner was planned in our RV. Homemade food is always great, and now we could enjoy it with sparkling wine that we brought from Limoux.
The parking was a bargain because they calculated only the extra hours, not including the night from 8:00 pm to 08:00 am.

We will meet again Carcassonne, thanks for your Hospitality.

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