On the Road again

As we left Carcassonne, we wanted to get close to the Coastline again, so we headed to Cassis.

On the Road in France

Why Cassis, your ask? Because of…

Qu’a visit Paris, se noun a vist Cassis, pou dire: n’ai rèn visit”.
the translation is;
The person who has visited Paris and has not visited Cassis has visited nothing or has seen nothing.
Written by Mr. Federique Mistral

We heard about Cassis from the French people staying close to us in Carcassonne. Nothing was really planned, but we had a direction.

The magic starts to show when your driving along these small roads that pass through the vineyard landscapes and its light green forests. We are so lucky!

Cassis is a small fishing village that is embraced by two natural landscapes (Calanques and the majestic Cap Canaille).
Hearing that, we understood how beautiful and essential Cassis will be.

Our idea from the beginning was to pass quite quickly through France because it is winter and I know it well from the past. The essential factor was it’s also a bit more expensive than some other countries we wanted to visit. Money is vital when you want to travel for such a long time. We aren’t scared of getting our hands dirty if we needed to, but we wanted to enjoy as most freedom (No Work) as possible.

At the end of our trip, we will pass by the West Coastline because we wish to know Normandy. We choose not to pay tolls because we have enough time and the highway is not as beautiful as the inland routes or Coastline.


Driving through marseille

We pass through many towns and cities like Montpellier, Nimes, Arles, and Marseille. All fantastic places to visit, but I already did before.


Passing through Marseille, we hit the rush hour and some road works; after the scare in Carcassonne, I could not relax any moment. The bridges were very low, the streets narrow, and some drivers “very friendly.” But still, we never lose our smile!
Once we passed all of that, we looked at each other and let out all of that nervous energy.
I parked in a safe place and enjoyed a nice cup of Coffee with Geicy. The RV or Camper world makes these moments so peaceful. You park, put on a fire, and sit wherever you are. You can be looking at the Ocean, Trees, Beaches, Ports, etc. That’s magic.

Welcome to Cassis


After driving for some hours, we arrived at Cassis. We realized very fast that RVs are not so welcome here. It is forbidden to enter many streets, and we could not park freely nor pay for a parking lot.

As it is February, we could not enter any campsite. After many turns, we found ourselves in the highest part of the village. Here they were creating a vast parking lot (in front of a school). We stood at the parking lot entrance that was still under construction, and nobody answered.

The area wasn’t very near to Cassis’s town center and on top of a Hill.
Sometimes you have to put water by the wine, so we decided to park here on the road’s side (on a hill). Now we could relax and concentrate on getting to know the area.

Beer Cassis PortThe port of Cassis is fantastic, but it is an expensive area and of high-class people. Knowing that we walked around for some time, I had a beer (Pietra) and Geicy, a hot chocolate. Once we got a little bit hungry, we decided to return to our RV. We still had to walk some miles (km) and uphill.

When the night fell, we fall asleep like two little angels. It didn’t take very long until we heard many young people talking, screaming, and drinking.
It seemed like the young people of Cassis had their meeting spot over here. Then they started to drift their racecars up this hill in the middle of the night! It seemed like the perfect road to drift and drink.
My thoughts weren’t the best once. I knew that we wouldn’t sleep a lot and also parked in a curve. Lucky we.

You can imagine how we slept. 🙁


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