After all the preparations for months, driving, we didn’t get the chance to close our eyes and focus on what’s around us. We decided to stay a bit longer and concentrate on the Feeling called “Time Out.”

Everybody uses words differently, but for us, it meant not knowing when we would leave and forget for that moment where we wanted to go next!

Great Times in Vars

This place (Vars) is Magic, Rustic, and so beautiful all together.
You could sleep so well because everybody went early to bed with so much snow. It was very peaceful and quiet at night. The air is so clean and fresh that the coffee wasn’t a must anymore in the morning. One big breath and your eyes were wide open!

We wanted to explores Vars a lot more, so we asked around and visited the Tourist office. The town has many small cafes and is an excellent place for families.

Geicy can’t stop touching the snow! So much fun for everybody.




The Raclette to good for Words


It is clear to us that we will not leave without eating a good Raclette!
For cheese lovers, it is a delight!

Asking in several places, we have noticed a significant price difference, and we have to take care of our wallets.
We have learned the difference between the Raclette’s they offer here.
The original one comes with its heater, potatoes, ham, and bread.
In other places, they put melted cheese, like in a fondue.
That is delicious too, but then we would ask for a fondu.


The Raclette is unique for those who love cheese. For people who don’t know the Raclette, it only takes one picture to fall in love.

We miss it already…

The restaurant was the Rocky Mountain, price of 25€ per person.

Excellent service, and with the house red wine, one warmed up perfectly!



Snowed in Paradise


It started slow, but now a lot of snow is falling, and we can’t do a lot about it. It is freezing, and it seems that the mountain has swallowed the sun. So let’s reinvent our RV space. Now sit cozily together and play games, write and chat.

After about 4 days inside our Rv, everything changed.
Bright sun and the sky as blue as the Caribbean Sea. Who expected that in France?

I wanted to go snowboarding because I’m not always in such a beautiful place.Being careful was the number one rule because Geicy doesn’t have a driver’s license.The ski slopes were calling my attention every day, but I had to hold on as this was not a skiing vacation. But with such a day and so much virgin snow, I took advantage of the last day like never before.


So many great skiing slopes everywhere. I wished I could share them with Geicy, but for that, she needed at least a week of skiing lessons. No time for that right now, let’s see in the future.


So many ski slopes to chose from, I had an amazing time.


When you are on top of the highest mountains, you feel like the King of the world!

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