Geicy has a smile from ear to ear, I can tell that the snow has done good to her, but we are ready for something different. I am also looking forward to seeing more places and finally enter beautiful Italy!

I know the dogs will miss the snow because they haven’t stopped eating it! For them, it was like jumping on a giant ice cone.

We still have so many nights and more km to enjoy, so let’s get it going. As we come down from the mountains, we see how the temperature rises. We missed a little more of the Heat these days.

The views are incredible. We pass by a huge and very beautiful wooden statue. It is a reminder of the miners.

Leaving Vars (France) driving towards Bergamasco (Italy)

Now entering the Bella Italia!

We are driving under a ski slope while people ski above us. It’s nice to see so many people enjoying this sport.

I found a campsite that has everything because we need to wash our clothes and enjoy a long shower. 

From time to time, it’s great to connect your RV to electricity and meet some people who dedicate their lives to excellent campsites.

This campsite is in France but on the other side of the mountains. So they make us enter Italy to return to France in no time. It’s all on a border. Geicy finds it all very strange the way we pass from country to country, and sometimes even without realizing it. There are no customs or controls, only a sign that welcomes you.

It would be an excellent idea for the whole world! No passports, absolute freedom.

People would no longer be locked up but free to cross and move where they want, when they want.

Sometimes we resemble the canaries that are locked in cages, don’t we? We are not even rulers of our own lives, but we are responsible for everything when we make mistakes?

We have to ask permission from someone who doesn’t even know us to sleep in a different place.

I hope that the next generations will fix something so ridiculous. I’ll leave it here because I’m not thinking about being the next President.

To make it till the end of the year with our RV, we can’t throw our money away. We try to pay the minimum in gas and tolls. We are already coming to a toll, and there is no other road.

I greet the lady in my “Best” Italian, “Ciao.”

After receiving her kind smile, she confirms that we have to pay 75€ (90$).

I say “WHAT” in my best English!

We want to go a few km to get to “Le Val d’ Ambin” in Bramans. The lady tells me that it is the toll to go through the tunnel, which goes under the mountain.

So we decided to turn around and look for another solution. They were very kind and “escorted” us on foot to the exit (the way back).

We better look for a place here in Italy, and we are on our way to our next destination.

We realize that we are in Italy very fast, because of the way people drive.

They cut you off; they honk all the time and use some xxxx language from time to time.

There’s nothing that can’t be fixed by listening to a little bit of Bob Marley.

We have chosen inland routes since we have time and desire to see villages and not many highways.

To reach them, we have chosen to pass through Torino.

aerial view of city

Torino is the first city since we have entered Italy. We want to get out of it as fast as we can. The people live with a lot of stress and don’t let us drive in peace.

On the way, as always, we got hungry, and I wanted to invite Geicy to her first local Italian meal, not a typical pizzeria that we have in every corner of Barcelona.

So we are looking for a good “Trattoria.”

I found something on the GPS this time because we need something quickly. Arriving at a village called Domino, we found a Trattoria. What a pleasure to see it because of the hunger and the desire we have!

But we found a closed door, so instead of eating homemade pasta, we prepared a 3 min Maggi pasta with an Asian flavor. Meanwhile, I started looking for a place to park and sleep with a hot shower. The good hot showers are what we miss the most. Our RV has a great Shower, but we can’t always find water to fill it up, so we wash ourselves with a Bucket. So now we are again on our way to Bergamasco, where the campsite is called Agriturismo Amarant is located. We arrived at night because it was very hidden and many streets were not suitable for our RV.

Charming people greeted us, but we were surprised that they charged us an extra 1 euro for every 3-minute shower. There was only one shower, so we went in together. I turn on the shower before putting the euro in the machine, so we don’t lose any minutes of hot water. It was freezing, even more in the shower than outside. We were lucky because without putting the euro in, hot water came out, so we extended the 3 minutes a little bit.

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