The RV trip through North America might be one of the world’s most common vacations. There’s a ton of land, leaving you with many options for travel routes.

During this particular trip, we decided to start in Toronto, Canada. We would make our way down the eastern portion of the United States, ripping through the southeast and eventually turning north after Texas to experience Yellowstone. This would ultimately lead us into the Pacific Northwest and, finally, Vancouver, BC, where we would finish our trip.

Out of all the RV trips we have taken worldwide, the North American trip is the most accommodating for RV travelers. There were plenty of campgrounds to park the RV along the way. In the event of not finding one, rest areas were perfectly suitable. We can’t say we didn’t sleep in a Wal-Mart parking lot or two along the way.

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Toronto, Canada

Pictures of the Toronto skyline had always given me the urge to visit. Historically I’ve always been more of a country person. There was just something beautiful about Toronto that always drew me in.

This incredibly modern city had some tremendous retail spaces. We did end up splurging a night on this shortstop to stay at Shangri La Toronto hotel. Luxury doesn’t do this place justice. Every detail from the service to the construction of the building is top-notch.

Toronto is home to many top-notch hospitality chains, and they are famous for their hotels. Our stay here didn’t let us down.

We ended up spending our last day in Toronto at Ripleys Aquarium. This was a relaxing way to end our Toronto journey and begin the rest of our trip.


Niagra Falls

As we exited Canada, we crossed the border and made our way towards Niagra Falls. This was a stop I always wanted to cross off my bucket list.

The mountains of New York offered some incredible scenery on the way to Niagra. They seemed to roll on as far as the eye could see.

Finally arriving in Niagra Falls, the scene was stunning. The falls were a natural marvel that I’ll never forget. Pictures don’t do this place justice.



We camped one more night in New York before making our way east to Vermont and Maine. The Vermont trees were beautiful, and the lush green environment was surreal.

Pushing forward, we ended up on the coast of Maine. These rough, rocky beaches were some of the most beautiful I had ever seen. The cuisine in this area was top-notch as well.

We hit some local restaurants and were treated to some fantastic New England seafood. Lobster and clam chowder was on the menu as we sampled the best the area had to offer.

Appalaichan Mountains

From here, we drove south and stumbled into the Appalachian Mountains. There are several highlights about this area that I love.

We were lucky enough to make our trip in the early fall. The changing leaves throughout these rolling hills are some of the most beautiful natural scenes you could ever imagine. If you have a chance to tour this area in the fall, you don’t want to miss it.

Ready to begin exploring the Appalachian Trail? Here’s everything you need to know to plan your next (or first) day hike!

There were plenty of campgrounds to park the RV along the way. The small, hospitable towns nestled throughout the mountains were all very welcoming. The locals have a friendliness unmatched by other places we’ve been.

We had plenty of chances to stop and browse some small, local merchants. This area is rich with quilters and other beautiful handcrafted items. Local food and fresh vegetables and ingredients make the restaurants in the area a huge hit.

Stopping at a few historical sites can provide a history lesson as well. There are Civil War historical markers everywhere.

The friendliness of this area makes it hard to leave. However, to keep up with our schedule, we had to continue to make our way south.

Facts About the Appalachian Mountains

The Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast is still a relatively warm place, even in early fall. This made a trip to the Gulf Coast a very comfortable option.

There was no shortage of beautiful campgrounds along the deep south coast. Our first major stop was in Orange Beach, Alabama. This small but busy coastal town provided great food and friendly locals.

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Curving west, we began making our way towards New Orleans. We stayed in a small campground outside of the city and rented a car to tour downtown. The historic buildings of New Orleans provided some beautiful scenery.

The old streets told stories as we sampled some local bars and eateries. The drinks and food of the French Quarter are among some of the best we’ve ever had.

We prepared to get back on the road and said goodbye to New Orleans. We had a long road ahead of us, and Yellowstone was calling.


Yellowstone National Park is one of the greatest treasures of North America. The natural beauty and awe-inspiring sights are among the best in the world.

Traveling by RV may be one of the best ways to see Yellowstone. The park is very accommodating, and there are campgrounds everywhere to pull over and get some rest.

We were lucky enough to spot some fantastic wildlife during our journey here. Bison were roaming around everywhere. We even spotted a grizzly bear, the rarest of all animals to encounter in the park.

One of my most favorite highlights of Yellowstone was the obsidian pools. These incredibly deep mini-ponds are fed underground from the volcano underneath Yellowstone. The natural gases give these beautiful pools a stunning rainbow color.

We finished our Yellowstone trip with a stop at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This natural marvel is incredible. It looks almost unreal. There’s a written excerpt on display from the man who discovered the Yellowstone Grand Canyon. You can channel and relate to his excitement after he finds this monster.

We left Yellowstone and finished our journey, stopping to sample some micro-breweries in the Pacific Northwest. In one final dash, we could control and see Mt. Hood, Mt. Saint Helen’s, and Mt. Rainier.

Like any other journey or vacation, this one seemed to be cut short way too fast. There are several areas we plan on visiting next time. Another RV tour of North America is on the to-do list soon.

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