One of the most significant benefits of traveling by RV is the amount of money you can save over traditional modes of travel. According to data from RVIA, a family of four can save up 59% on a trip by traveling in a motorhome. Traveling by RV is even more economical for more extensive travel parties because renting an RV replaces purchasing airline tickets, renting a car, and paying for multiple hotel rooms.

Overnight stays

There are many ways to save when traveling by RV. For example, the cost to stay in a full-service RV park is considerably less than paying for a hotel room, especially in areas of high demand. Overnight stay prices for full-service RV parks are generally around $50, and some offer discounted daily rates for more extended stays.

There are also many places where RVs can park overnight for free. A good resource for travelers is the Harvest Hosts network, which lists over 1,000 farms, orchards, ranches, and wineries nationwide that provide a place to park an RV for free for a night. Many Walmart and Cracker Barrel locations also offer free overnight RV parking. Just make sure the lot you want to park is not marked with “no overnight parking” signs.

How to Save

One area where you will be spending more is on gasoline. RVs use twice as much gas as the typical car to go the same distance. However, savings in other areas can easily offset this increased cost.

For example, you can save a considerable amount of money on food by eating most of your meals in the RV. Making your meals in the RV from items purchased at the grocery store can reduce your food costs by more than half. For example, four spaghetti dinners at a restaurant will cost you around $50 on average, while buying the ingredients at the grocery store to make the same amount of food will cost you about $10. Snacks like potato chips and cookies are also cheaper at the grocery store than at gas stations and convenience stores, especially if you buy them in bulk quantities.

Having an ample amount of storage space in an RV can also save you money on equipment rentals. Bring your golf clubs, skis, and other equipment and use instead of paying random companies to rent potentially defective items. Having the ability to carry your equipment is also beneficial when you want to go somewhere where there are no equipment rentals available.

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