Traveling by recreational vehicle (RV) is becoming a very popular way to travel and explore the country. According to data from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), 11% of households in the U.S. currently own some type of RV, and much more rent RVs for traveling purposes. The popularity of RV travel is rising because of the many benefits this method offers over more traditional modes of travel. Here are some of the biggest benefits of traveling by RV.

Explore the Horizon

The total flexibility of traveling by RV is one of the biggest benefits of this mode of transportation. With an RV, you can make your own schedule instead of having to adhere to the schedule of an airline or train station. You can start when you’d like and stop when you want, spending hours or days in the places that interest you and moving on when you are ready.


Exploring new places can be somewhat hit or miss. If you find yourself in a location that is not as expected, having an RV allows you to change locations with a minimum amount of effort. You will not have to deal with packing up all of your stuff just to transport it to a new location. With an RV, everything is ready to go when you are.


Not having to adhere to a predetermined scheduled is also beneficial if the unexpected occurs. If you find that you would like to spend more time in a particular area, you can extend your time without having to worry about airline change fees or booking additional nights at a hotel. Conversely, if an emergency causes you to cut your trip short, you can easily pull up stakes and leave.


Weather not cooperating with your plans? If you are in an RV, there are plenty of things to do while waiting for bad weather to subside. You can play cards at the table, lounge on the bed reading a book, or watch movies relaxed in the seating area until the weather breaks. If the weather is going to be bad for a while, you can always leave early and drive to an area where the weather is better.


Traveling by RV also allows you to get to many places that airlines and trains do not go. Instead of having to book a flight that might land many miles from where you want to and then gets a rental car to travel to your final destination, you can drive an RV directly there. The amount of time potentially saved can be substantial.


Traveling by RV also lets you explore a wide variety of destinations. You can park at a campground with fire pits and playgrounds or travel deep into a national forest to truly experience nature. You can take your RV close to a beach where you can fall asleep to the sound of waves or find a parking lot on the outskirts of a city for a day of urban exploring. The choices are endless.


RVs Let You Travel With All The Comforts Of Home


Another benefit of traveling by RV is that you will have all of the things that make you comfortable at your fingertips the entire time you are traveling. The bed in the RV is made with the pillows and sheets chosen by you for your comfort. The snacks stored on board are the ones personally chosen by you. You can bring your favorite games and movies without worrying about whether they will all fit in a suitcase. You can make the RV feel like home.


There are many amenities available for RVs that can make them more comfortable. Most RV rentals come fully equipped with necessities like dishes and cutlery. Heat and air conditioning control ensure that the RV will remain at a comfortable temperature. You can choose models with king-sized beds or bunk beds for the kids. Some of the more expensive models have push-button slide-outs that expand to provide extra interior space or awnings and outdoor kitchens to create a private patio area.


Most people dislike having to stop in the middle of nowhere for a bathroom break. Traveling by RV means a private bathroom is available at any time it is needed. With a private bathroom at your disposal, you don’t have to worry whether the bathroom has been cleaned or deal with substandard toilet tissue. If you park at a full-hookup site, you can connect the RV to electricity, water, and sewer.


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