Today we leave Riba Roja (Ebro), and we drive towards Barcelona.
Geicy has part of her Family and Friends still living in Barcelona. As I (Peter) had the chance to say “Farewell” to my Family & Friends, now Geicy can too.

Our Visit to Cambrils Camperpark Playa y Fiesta

First, we stay at the Camping Site (Camperpark Playa y Fiesta) on the Beach of Cambrils because we have to unload gray water (shower and drain) & black water (Toilet) from our RV.

Upon arrival, we already liked the campsite, because it was right on the beach and the price was very low (11,45€/night (14$)) with everything included (electricity, water, shower).

After five days of fishing on the Ebro river, you know you need a nice hot and long shower! Our RV is equipped with a Shower, but when you park off the Grid for so many days, water and electricity are the first to go.


Why Use Google Maps, when you can trust your Eyes

After a fantastic dinner and a good night’s sleep, we decided to walk the dogs on the beach and have breakfast somewhere. I saw a town on the end of the beach, so let’s try over there.
When we were already walking for an hour, Geicy was starving, and I told her that there was a coffee place nearby for sure.

It was a tiny lie because it didn’t look like we were getting any closer to that town on the Horizon.
To keep this story short, after about 2 hours, we arrived at a small town called “Miami Platja,” it didn’t look anything like the Miami I know from Florida.

I saw many apartments windows closed and no cars parked in the streets. That usually means if you near a beach, it’s more likely to be a tourist area. Remember that we are here in the Winter and are starving by now.
There wasn’t a soul in that town, so I was worried about our lovely breakfast.

We found a worker who could direct us to a bar that was open for sure.

In the end, we arrived at the bar by crossing a railway track that Plants covered.

What was funny is in this forgotten town, we asked for two small coffees and a toast. Only for that, they charged us 7€ (10$). It was then that we felt we were really in “Miami.” So you can compare the price, usually in a small town like this you would pay about 2.50€ (3$) for a Coffee & Toast.

Always Meet & Great New People

After two incredible nights and having significant interaction with our neighbors, we decided to say goodbye and move on.

We had to go to the RV workshop (Autocaravanas M3) for some repairs and fit a bicycle rack for our exciting trip!

Once we finished the repairs, we drove to Geicy’s friend’s house, where we were invited for a Fantastic Dinner. The home was located in Martorell (Catalunia). Her Family & Friends are always very welcoming and friendly people.
That’s how the Brazilians are, never lacking food, music, and laughter!

Martorell and its Devli’s Bridge

Martorell is a town near Barcelona. We parked our RV next to the Devil’s Bridge, located between two Catalan towns (Martorell and Castellbisbal) over the Llobregat river. It is a gothic bridge from 1295. The bridge was destroyed by the river, which carried away the central pile and was rebuilt in 1143.

Puente del Diablo

The legend Says

That an older woman had to cross the river every day to fetch water from the fountain, she was too old to keep doing it. She had to jump from stone to stone, and she had hurt herself many times.
One morning the Devil appeared by the river.
The Devil said to her: “What are you doing crossing the river like that?
With his power, she never again had to cross the river from stone to stone.
The older woman asked, how else, if not like that?
The Devil answered if she doubted his word.
It wasn’t going to cost the old woman anything,” said the Devil.
He only wanted the first soul of who to cross the bridge.
The older woman accepted the deal.
So the Devil finished the bridge in one night!
In the morning, the older woman arrived, and the Devil watched from his hiding place, eager to take her soul.
The older woman was carrying her usual basket, and from it, she took out a black cat.
When she let go of the black cat, she crossed the bridge, and the Devil took the cat’s soul.
Since that day, everyone can cross the bridge without fear while the Devil watches on us!

black cat walking on road

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