We were slightly nervous before our RV trip to Asia. This one would have to be done a little differently.

Some legalities can prevent you from openly traveling by road between countries in Asia. Instead of using one RV to travel between all the countries we wanted to see, we decided to book an RV in each country we visited.

This meant potentially shortening our list of places to visit. We made a long shortlist of target areas and decided we would make the most of each country we toured.

Sri Lanka

Number one on our destination list was Sri Lanka. We wanted to be sure we made it here, so we decided this would be our first stop.

Our trip to Sri Lanka would be a full circle. We would start and end in Colombo, making many stops to essential locations in between.

Inland Sri Lanka is an excellent place to start, as it allows you to end your trip by the beach. After spending a couple of nights in Colombo to acclimate to our new surroundings, it was time to set off on our journey.

Our first stop would be Kandy. Kandy is a quiet, modest, beautiful lake town with many scenic hilltop hotels. Traveling by RV, these hotels weren’t necessary but provided stunning views of the town nonetheless.

One of the highlights of the trip was the beautiful temple right near the lake. The old temple was mesmerizing, positioned next to the lake.

After leaving Kandy, we begin making our way to Ella in our RV. The views from the RV on this six-hour journey are some of the most amazing Sri Lanka has to offer.

In Ella, we decided to park the RV and get out to visit waterfalls and do some mountain climbing. We visited the National Park at Udawalawe. Here we were able to mingle with elephants and other wildlife.

We spent the rest of our time in Sri Lanka bodyboarding at the beaches. We relaxed and rested while we prepared for the next segment of our journey.


Taiwan is a highly underrated RV road trip destination. We decided to drive from Tapei in the north to Kaohsiung in the south for this leg of our journey. This virtually takes you through the whole island.

The Taiwanese are incredibly kind and accepting of tourists. The roads are very well maintained and have signs posted everywhere. There are convenience stores all over the place, so stopping for any snacks and refreshments is not a problem.

Our first stop in Hualien allowed us to experience unique hot springs and wind-swept beaches. We parked the RV multiple times to stop and enjoy the water.

Next up was the Taroko Gorge. The winding mountain roads and overhanging cliffs were breathtaking. This made this section of the tour an unforgettable experience.

Sun Moon Lake would be the next stop on our trip. The shimmering waters and grand pagodas were a beautiful site to take in. We ended this section of our trip and made time to venture towards Kaohsiung.

After leaving Kaohsiung, we ended up at our final stop. Kenting National Park was a fantastic way to end this journey. We relaxed under the palm trees and enjoyed the sun-soaked beaches.


A journey in an RV through Malaysia can be made reasonably quickly. It’s an effortless, straightforward drive that can be accomplished in about 4 hours. The well-paved highways are accommodating to RV and car travelers.

Due to the short length of the trip, we decided to take our time. We often stopped to take in the beautiful scenery Malaysia had to offer.

We started our journey in Kuala Lumpur, which had all the modern locations of any other major city. After a short distance, we decided to detour off the main highway to pass through Kuala Selangor. The locals here are amazing. We stopped for the day and hung out with them. It was a surreal scene as we made friends with locals and got as close as possible to the beautiful monkeys.

After learning of a cruise on a nearby river, we decided to stay an extra day. The cruise included a firefly-watching tour. At the end of the night, we were served a fantastic seafood dinner.

Ipoh was up next. Ipoh is an old tin-mining town. It’s turned into somewhat of an art hub, attracting painters and other artists from around the area. It was a refreshing change of pace just to stop and survey the local art.

We decided to channel our inner child and stopped in Tambun to visit the Lost World. The Lost World is a dinosaur-themed waterpark built next to a set of limestone caves. We also visited the caves afterward, which was a relaxing way to end the night.

The next major stop on our trip would be to Taiping. In 2019 Taping was voted one of the most livable cities in the world. We parked the RV and made use of the bikes we had on board. The Lake Gardens made for a great cycle with plenty of scenery to take in.

Our cycle helped us work up an appetite. We had an excellent lunch cuisine in the old town that left us more than satisfied.

Rounding out the final leg of our trip would be Penang. We figured it couldn’t hurt to channel our inner-child one last time. One of our favorite places was Escape. Escape is a jungle-action park and is home to the longest waterslide in the world.

We ended the day at Komtar, which is Penang’s highest building. The beautiful aquarium was extremely relaxing before being jolted back to life by some zipline action. The day would come to a close on the observation deck of this giant building. Sampling the fantastic views, we reflected on our RV tour around Asia and decided it was something we would repeat one day.

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